Canary Wharf Group Limited Contact

Canary Wharf Group has already achieved one of the greatest ever feats of civic engineering, turning a once derelict Docklands into 97 acres of London’s, and the world’s, most sought after office and retail space.

The Group’s workforce comprises more than 1,000 people who are dedicated to one of the three sub companies. Canary Wharf Limited, Canary Wharf Contractors Limited and Canary Wharf Management Limited.

Canary Wharf Limited (CWL) provides executive guidance and administrative support to the two main operational arms. It is the parent company that provides central business services for the Group and drives our socio-economic development agenda with departments that include Accounts, IT, Personnel, Legal, Office Leasing and the Press Office amongst others.

Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd (CWCL) manages and delivers all of Canary Wharf Group’s construction projects in an integrated Project Manager/Main Contractor basis.