Adults and Career Changers

Why should you visit an Open Doors site?

Open Doors gives you the opportunity to visit some of the biggest and best construction projects in Great Britain. It's your opportunity to discover what really goes on behind the scenes of a ‘live’ construction site or the offices where they plan the project!

How can I get involved?

If you are over 18, use our online booking site to find your nearest site. Please click here to book a site visit. If you are under 18, please see 11-18 year old section.

Can I visit any site?

You can visit any and as many participating sites as you like; just use our online booking system to book a slot to avoid disappointment on the day.

What will I see?

You're going to see exactly what happens behind the scenes at some of the largest and most exciting projects in Great Britain. Depending on which sites you chose to visit you could see; the most advanced construction machinery, a huge range of skills being demonstrated by a wide range of experts such as steel being erected, 3D modelling, and even the delicate refurbishment of period features.

What will I learn?

You're going to learn about some of the most interesting processes that happen on construction sites every day. It will give you a better idea of the complexity, diversity and intricate detail involved in some of today's most fascinating projects.

What can construction offer me?

The construction  industry can offer  people from all different ages and backgrounds an exciting career. There is so much more to the construction industry than just building, from design and engineering through project planning to the archaeological digs that take place. To find out more about the wide variety of construction careers, the qualifications you need and case studies on what its really like, visit the new construction careers website Go Construct