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Seddon is a family-owned and managed construction, maintenance and housebuilding business with a track record spanning 120 years and five generations of the Seddon family. The company employs over 750 people, including trades and apprentices, with a turnover close to £250 million across the mainland UK.

Seddon believe in ‘training for the industry’ and our commitment to training and apprenticeships is unrivalled. In 2012 Seddon celebrated 75 years of the Seddon Apprentice – an unbeatable achievement for which Seddon are extremely proud. 

Apprenticeships are a major contributor to the development and training of people of all ages in this country and provide hands-on learning experiences for those who wish to be educated in a non-academic environment.

Seddon annually employs between 10 - 15 apprentices of all ages and helps them work towards an NVQ Level 3; learning practical, work-related tasks which develop the skills and knowledge to do their job effectively, supplemented by short courses.

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