About TICA

TICA is the sole Trade Association representing the Thermal Insulation Industry, we are the sole provider of our Industry’s L2 Apprenticeship Standard for Commercial Thermal Insulation Operative and L3 Apprenticeship Standard for Industrial Thermal Insulation Technician Apprenticeship standards.  

We work closely with industry, ensuring that the training we provide meets the exacting standards and levels of competence required of the sector. A highly skilled workforce will be essential in delivering future UK energy infrastructure and ensuring commercial construction projects achieve increased energy efficiency standards - especially in our drive to Net Zero Carbon.

On-site projects are allocated throughout the apprenticeship training programme for completion in the workplace and are individualised and agreed with employers from where you are located in the UK, meeting the needs of specific sites. These on-site projects embed and further develop skills that are taught in the training centre during block release.

Our apprenticeship Standards are all fully funded as residential and so all in college accommodation is provided through funding. Level 2 Apprenticeships come to our National Training Academy in Darlington for 10 weeks and Level 3 Apprenticeships come for 12 weeks both in 2 weeks blocks over 18 months. 

Level 2 Apprenticeship Skilled Worker skill card

Thermal Insulation specialists apply insulation materials & pre-formed cladding for the prevention of heat loss, heat gain, energy efficiency & personnel protection supporting the UK’s drive to Net Zero.

Thermal Insulation Operatives can expect to work under supervision, or where appropriate, on their own initiative. The role of a Thermal Insulation Operative involves the installation and application of appropriate thermal insulation materials, identifying the specific surface types and the changing temperature and site conditions. The Operative will apply pre-formed cladding or weatherproofing materials in line with the job specification and site instructions. When in a refurbishment environment, additional preparation tasks may be required e.g., removal of existing materials, cleaning down of and appropriate preparation of surfaces.


Level 3 Apprenticeship Advanced Craft skill card

Thermal Insulation Technicians apply multi-layer applications of specialist insulation systems, comprising of layers of high-performance insulation, vapour barriers and weatherproof cladding. Thermal Insulation Technicians create bespoke patterns using technical drawing equipment to fabricate specialist cladding materials, which are applied on top of specialist insulation systems to complex pipework, ductwork, and vessels. The cladding material is required to protect the equipment from environmental damage and for personnel protection from very hot or very cold surface temperatures, whilst maintaining the equipment within the plant.

Thermal Insulation Technicians can expect to work in a supervisory capacity, mentoring and advising other operatives and assisting with the management of projects. They will ensure the appropriate standard and quality of work is maintained and that it conforms to the design specifications, taking any corrective actions they consider necessary.

The role of a Thermal Insulation Technician includes the procurement of appropriate resources, the scheduling of work activities and quality assurance, in addition to the installation and application of appropriate insulation and cladding materials. They will identify the working area, variations in temperature and changing site conditions through a process of consultation with the client and appraisal of project drawings and information.

Career opportunities  

As an apprentice, you are starting out on a career journey that has the potential to take you from Thermal Insulator to business owner.

Completing an apprenticeship as a Thermal Insulator provides career opportunities in a growing global industry. Your newly achieved skills will qualify you to work on international projects.

We’ll help equip you with the tools you need to face the challenges of this rapidly developing and important industry.


Potential Job Titles

Thermal Insulator

Site Supervisor


Contracts Manager

Project Manager

Thermal Insulation Operatives and Technicians can work on a diverse range of sites including:

Process & Petrochemical Plants

Energy infrastructure including Nuclear

Commercial office/retail

Schools/hospitals and high rise residential

Commercial Construction sites




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