About CITB

CITB is the industry training board for the construction sector in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s our job to help the construction industry attract talent and to support skills development, to build a better Britain. We are an executive non-departmental public body in charge of our budget and activities. Sponsored by the Department for Education, we are also accountable to government ministers, and ultimately Parliament.

We provide practical support to construction employers, for example around taking on an apprentice, and help to tackle long-term skills challenges, around issues like climate change, mental health and diversity.

Our vision is for British construction to have a recognisedworld-class, innovative approach to developing its workforce to deliver quality in the built environment.

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Videos To Watch

Amir Ghotbi – Plumber’s Mate, The Building Block CSF Training Hub, Sheffield

Davey Allen – Site Labourer, The Building Block CSF Training Hub, Sheffield

Encouraging Young Women into Construction: International Women’s Day 2019


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