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Information for Employers

Open Doors has two key aims 

  1. To encourage more people to consider taking up/pursuing a career in construction 
  2. To change the perception of the construction industry

Encouraging individuals into careers in construction is key to help tackle the longstanding training and skills issues in the construction sector and help to ensure the demands on the sector’s workforce are met. 

Open Doors also aims to change the traditional representation of the industry, moving away from muddy boots and hard hats towards highly skilled trades and innovative, futuristic ways of working.

How do I register a site?

In order to start to upload sites onto the Open Doors website, you first need to register your company. The Open Doors Team can do this for you by emailing info@opendoors.construction.

You can open your sites as many times as you like throughout the Open Doors week (Monday 16 – Saturday 21 March). You can decide how many booking slots you put onto the website and all bookings are also managed through the website.

Open Doors is free for Build UK members, including members of our Trade Associations members, and those working on any of our Client member sites. If you are a member of one of the listed Trade Associations, then you are able to participate as a Build UK member. You are also able to participate in Open Doors if you are a member of the HBF.

There needs to be one or two people within your company responsible for uploading the sites onto the website. They will be the Open Doors Coordinators for your company, and receive monthly email updates from the Open Doors Team with any relevant details and the latest information. There is a guide in the resources section of the website which will talk you through the process of getting your sites onto the website. 

All sites must be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

How many sites can I open?

You can open as many as you would like to! We would really like to encourage employers to not just open building sites, but to open offices, marketing suites, architectural suites, factories, depos and training centres to showcase that working in the industry isn’t just about being on site.

How do I show people around my site?

Most tours last around an hour and are often run by the community or site teams. Some employers choose to give a presentation to the attendees on what they are building, and equally the job roles around the site. This will often depend on who is attending their site visits. You will be able to find out who is attending via the website.

Any PPE requirements?

We ask all employers to use the Safety Helmet Colour Standard ensuring that all visitors are wearing blue safety helmets. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure there is enough PPE for each attendee. When a booking is made, a visitor is asked for their shoe and high-vis size.

Interested in Opening your sites?