Parents / Guardians

Why should you visit an Open Doors site?

Open Doors is a fantastic chance for you and your children to discover the wide ranging opportunities available within the construction industry. It will allow children of all ages to be safely shown around some of the most interesting projects in the UK by the people who work on them every day. Find out what motivated and inspired them to work in such an exciting industry.

How can I get involved?

Use our online booking system to find the projects in your local area and book a time that suits you to come along with your children over the Open Doors week (13 – 18 June 2016).

Can I visit any site?

Details on whether children can attend will be on each site's information page, as this may differ from site to site. Please note if a site does allow under 18’s to visit, or vulnerable individuals, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If under 18 they also must have parental or legal guardian consent.

You can visit as many participating sites as you like; just use our online booking system to book a slot to avoid disappointment on the day

What will we see?

You're going to see exactly what happens behind the scenes of some of the largest and most exciting projects in the UK. Depending on which sites you chose to visit you could see; the most advanced construction machinery, a huge range of skills being demonstrated by a wide range of experts such as steel erected, 3D modelling in action, and even the delicate refurbishment of period features.

What will my children learn?

Open Doors gives your children the opportunity to learn first-hand from those who work on projects every day. The opportunities to learn on a construction site are limitless, not simply architecture and building but a full range of activities including; archaeology, design, engineering, history, social history, community legacy, sustainability and more.

What can construction offer?

Construction offers the chance to have a long and fulfilling career in one of the most important sectors for the future of the country. It offers opportunities for all talents from the practical to the theoretical across a range of subjects. To find out more about the different careers, the qualifications you need and case studies on what its really like, visit the new construction careers website Go Construct