About St. Modwen Developments

With an expansive UK land portfolio and expertise over 30 years, we have the ability and desire to deliver impactful development projects. This helps to create places and experiences that deliver shared value, build a lasting legacy and contribute to better futures for all.

At the heart of our business sits long-standing expertise in identifying and bringing forward strategic land. We are supporting communities and delivering exceptional regeneration opportunities.

We breathe life into places by creating homes, jobs, shared spaces and community infrastructure.

To enable people and our natural environment to prosper in places developed to encourage socially and environmentally sustainable living.

We act as master developer to deliver residential-led schemes and regenerate sites. Sometimes our work involves cleaning up dirty, contaminated or redundant sites and putting in place appropriate infrastructure to unlock their viability. By gaining local support for new schemes, we are able to deliver ‘oven-ready’ development land to St. Modwen Homes, St. Modwen Logistics, and third-party housebuilders.


Address London
180 Great Portland Street,