About Paddington Square

At Paddington, Sellar and Mace are building a thriving, mindful and socially cohesive destination for all. Throughout and around this crystalline building and new public piazza, culture, nature, and wellbeing are celebrated, emphasised and enhanced. Designed by Renzo Piano who designed The Shard, Paddington Square will feature four floors of retail space, 14 of light-filled workspaces, dining and leisure spaces, and 1.35 acres of public realm, creating a space for all to enjoy.


The site tour will take visitors to a unique experience within Paddington Square. All visitors will be required to wear PPE, walk around the site and see operatives at work carrying out different jobs. They will enter the building where they will see the project shaping. 

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


About Mace Group

Mace is a global company of experts in shaping and making the built environment. It provides development, consulting, construction and operations services for many of the world’s most inspiring building and infrastructure projects and programmes – from Olympic parks and iconic skyscrapers to state-of-the-art data centres, schools, hospitals and homes.

The privately-owned company, headquartered in London, UK, has an annual turnover of £1.8 billion. Over 30 years, its growth has been fuelled by an adventurous spirit and the relentless pursuit of a better way. Toda...