The site for the proposed Leigh Academy, Blackheath is situated in the heart of Blackheath in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, on the site of a former school. The site comprises a roughly rectangular plot of land measuring circa 2ha. At present, it is occupied by a range of 1, 2, and 3 story brick school buildings of 20th century,


The new Academy will provide accommodation for 1,150 secondary school pupils. The building work essentially comprises the following elements:


Demolition of all existing facilities which used to belong to the former schoolInstallation of Temporary Classrooms facilities, including a 2-storeys modular cabins, including safe pedestrian access in-between the public footpath, temporary classrooms, and retained MUGA.Erection of a new-build 3-storeys steel-frame on strip foundation, with precast concrete slabs and stairs.New-build envelope will be characterized with a cohesive and unified palette of high quality brickwork, flat panel cladding system, render, large aluminium windows/louvres/doors, and curtain wall.The roof of the main new-build block will feature a parapet, and will mainly consist in an inverted warm roof with ballast, and to some extend a roof cladding system (above sport hall).New-build internal fit-out will consist in classroom, specialized room (e.g. science / music classroom, etc.), library, sports / activities hall, kitchen, dining space, reception, staff areas, etc.Ventilation inside teaching rooms will be controlled thanks to the combination of hybrid ventilation units to control flow of fresh air in wintertime, and openable windows to boost fresh air cooling in peak summer time conditions.External landscaping to the new- build surrounding, including a mix of soft landscaping, hard landscaping for informal and social space, refurbished MUGA, parking spaces.


Old Dover Road

Visitors will be able to walk around see the superstructure complete and depending on time frame of works this could also be internal, façade and envelope works.

Paula Arkell-Waller

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