Bedford Passage is a mixed use development consisting of Health care suites, commercial office space and residential units. As part of the planning conditions an archaeological study was undertaken on the project leading to the discovery of historic burials dating back to the 1800’s. Before any development works can commence these burials must be removed, at which point they will be studied and reburied. The project is due to commence in January 2020 with archaeological works planned to take between 12-18 months.

44 Cleveland Street, London

At this point in the works there will be several deep excavations around the site where the archaeologist will be removing skeletons from the ground as the level reduces.

We cant guarantee but we hope to be able to show the visitors the work of and archaeologist i.e. a partially exposed skeleton and the methods used to remove the delicate bones etc. We will also be looking to show visitors how we have designed and installed temporary structures to facilitate targeted excavations whilst maintaining safety to all involved.

Hannah Cowell

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