About Barton Court Free School

The new school will feature 7,200m2 of teaching space, with both traditional teaching spaces and vocational training studios for subjects including catering, hair and beauty therapy and health and social care.

The modern facility will also feature an outdoor performance area for drama and music which works together with the schools flexibly learning spaces to create an inspirational and supportive atmosphere that will provide students with an environment that nurtures and develops.

Alongside the main school building, a 1,200m2 multi use sports facility will be constructed

When the visit takes place will be in the finishing stage of the project and almost 80% completed- Finishing trades and final electrical and plumbing works will be taking place.


Completion works will be taking place on the visits. Floor laying, decorations, and carpentry.

Final furniture in classrooms will be taking place and externally fencing and landscaping

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


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