About Ray Dolby Centre & Shared Facilities Hub

Bouygues UK is building the new home for the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, with both buildings located on the West Cambridge site.

The 32,900 m2 Cavendish III facility will be known as The Ray Dolby Centre with its and neighbouring Shared Facilities Hub, bringing the large number of research groups within the department together under one roof to encourage collaboration. 

The facility will include extensive teaching and learning spaces, including a 450-seat lecture theatre, teaching labs for undergraduates, learning resource centre, outreach and exhibition spaces and other collaborative working areas for researchers and students.

The state-of-the-art facilities, also comprising a range of offices and cleanrooms will allow the University to build upon its reputation for delivering world class scientific research.

This is a highly technically challenging build that has a number of specialist requirements as a result of the nature of the facility.

The basement area will incorporate specialist acoustic and vibration treatments to achieve the strict control criteria necessary for operating equipment highly sensitive to vibration.

There are also stringent temperature and humidity controls as well as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) treatments required to achieve the operational criteria necessary for world class research to be conducted.  


Works will be in full swing across both the Ray Dolby Centre and the Shared Facilities Hub.

During the site visit, all visitors can expect an induction on arrival, followed by a brief overview of the project. Once provided with PPE, visitors will then be taken on an escorted visit around the team by a member of the project team. Throughout the tour, visitors will be able to see the construction take place in front of them as the site will be live with all hands on deck.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly



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