About Saddleworth School

Saddleworth High School is a new build 1500 pupil secondary school commencing July 2020 with completion February 2022. This is part of the 6 new build projects under North West 3 Priority School batch by Tilbury Douglas. 

The 10,500m2 facility is constructed over 3 storeys. The project had significant challenges to mitigate including topography, poor ground conditions, ecological constraints and sensitive planning.  

The new school will be designed to accommodate the growing needs of both pupils and the local community and it will be tailored to meeting and exceeding the needs of modern school education provision. 


Square Metres


On arrival, all visitors will sign in with our gate man and he will escort them to our meeting room. Visitors will then be asked to put on site supplied PPE and be escorted on to site by one of the management team. The open doors visit will give visitors the opportunity to take a full look around the building site, meet the builders on site and ask questions.

Visitors will be able to view the external and internal finishes including ceilings, painting, flooring and final fix M&E being undertaken.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


About Tilbury Douglas

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