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The Lucent project is a landmark development in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus looking to deliver 140,000 sq foot of office space and Innovative Retail. Located between commercial and residential land uses with a high tourist presence, the project is extremely visible and forms a high-profile element of the local cityscape, not least because of the illuminated Piccadilly Lights that continue to operate throughout the site’s development.

As of October 4th, the project will be in week 39 of a 92-week programme with a focus on delivering the building’s superstructure – constructing the physical building through the installation of a steel frame, the pouring of concrete floors and the installation of our pre-manufactured façade walls and windows.

As well as targets directly impacted by the costs and programme of the project, the Lucent development has a number of Environmental and Social sustainability targets that are vitally important in our delivery.





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Visitors to the Lucent project will likely see a variety of superstructure works to deliver the building’s “skeleton” and above-ground structure. This includes the installation of structural steelwork for the building’s frame and metal decking floors.

Concrete Pours may be taking place for floors across the outer perimeter of the project and works to deliver key internal elements such as metal stairs, Mechanical & Engineering systems and Brick & Blockwork wall creation may all be taking place.

 Visitors will also be able to see existing elements such as Lift & Stair cores, the basement space and the installed pre-manufactured façade panels.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


About Wates

Wates is one of the largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK. Wates employs over 4,000 people and works with more than 10,000 supply-chain operatives and partners to successfully deliver our projects throughout the UK.

We are committed to the long-term future of the built environment. Our award-winning corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes underpin our vision to become the most trusted partner in the built environment, leaving a positive legacy for the communities in which we work and live.

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