Castle Park View is a new residential development in the centre of Bristol. It is adjacent to Castle Park-  the site of a Saxon settlement and Castle. 

In such a central and historical location, Castle Park View is a unique construction site, a large culvert runs through the centre of the site running from East to West, as a result of which the scheme has been designed around two main blocks. When completed, the high rise building will change the look of the current skyline across Bristol City Centre. 

The development totals 375 Units.To the northern part of the site Block A, B & C encompassing Block A - a 10 storey tower, Block B - a 6 storey link block and Block C - a 26 storey tower. On this Northern Block there is an under-croft which allows for 36 parking spaces for the scheme along with plant rooms, refuse storage and cycling provision for 490 bicycles. To the Southern edge of the site lie Blocks D & E, Block D is 5 storeys and Block E is 6 & 7 storeys.

In addition to the residential units the scheme also provides a fitness suite, concierge and back of house offices and a number of communal spaces for use by the residents including a Party Room on the 26th Floor of Block C.

Castle Park View

BYUK Cabins
St Philip and St Jacob Church,
Tower Hill,

You will recieve a short presentation of the site, health and safety induction and PPE required for the site tour. The tour will be led by our one of our site team, who will guide you around the live construction site.

During March we will be completing the structural framing.

Nick Toulson

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