The project consists of the new construction of a steelframed school providing accommodation to the 1st Floor. The school is an SEN type for pupils who have special educational needs and where 26 of the 69 pupils stay at the school for up to four nights a week. On completion the single story elements of the old school will be demolished leaving the old house, which although is not listed, is classed as an asset building and will be refurbished at a later date by Essex County Council.                                                                                          

Kier site, Langham Oaks School, School Road, Langham, Colchester, Essex

Works to see will involve external elevations and landscaping being completed/undertaken, internal walls constructed, 2nd fix fit-out works and also what effect delays have on a project as currently we are currently being delayed by the client on significant critical elements where works cannot currently progress. When the visits take place they will be able to see the full effects of what happens when delays are incurred and how we deal with the knock on effect. This is on top of working in a live SEN school where the pupils have different educational needs and other learning disabilities

We hope to have some BIM software to demonstrate to visitors, showing how we use innovative technology to assist the construction project.

Rachel Newell

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