About Beaufort Park

The site is based on the old RAF Hendon site and is circa 25 acres. The development is mixed use and consists of commercial office space to the ground floor with retailers such as Tesco Middlesex University taking up the units. We have a mixed tenure of Private and affordable homes.

We are currently on the penultimate phase with the final phase starting in November 2021.


Visitors will see the most recent completed homes and communal areas. They will then enter site and look at the various stages of construction from 1st Fix M&E to final decorations. This will include plumbing, Electrical, Joinery, Tiling etc.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


About Berkeley Group

The Berkeley Group build homes and neighbourhoods. We focus on creating beautiful, successful places in London and the South of England. We work together with other people to tackle the shortage of good quality homes, and make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities we help create.

The Berkeley Group is made up of five autonomous companies: St George, St James, Berkeley, St Edward and St William.