About Unity Place - Milton Keynes

Unity Place is a new office headquarters development for Santander in Milton Keynes.

The location is a landmark site located at V6 Grafton Street, MK9 1BE, near Milton Keynes Central Station, bound by Midsummer Elder Gate, Silbury Boulevard and Grafton Gate.

The Building will be a centre for digital banking innovation, nurturing, collaboration and wellbeing in the workplace, while also enhancing the town with new public amenities. The building will bring together Santander's Employees, who are currently spread across four offices.

The building will provide 37,000 sqm of open plan office space for 5000 workstations spread across seven floors ( plus the ground) that are arranged in four blocks. These are connected by three atria which allow natural light into the building  and provide views out. The hub is a new form of office campus that will connect the business with the local community. It will Provide publicly accessible retail, food and beverage space, a community hall, auditorium, and co-working spaces. It also features a restaurant/bar area with a roof terrace on the top floor.

Sustainability and staff wellbeing are core objectives for the project. The building is designed to achieve a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating for its environmental performance and a WELL 'Gold' Certification, which is a measure of the building's impact on health and wellbeing.


Square Metres


% Complete


Concrete Frame

Facade Works


Structural Steelwork


Blockwork in the basement


Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


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