About VolkerLaser - Tamar Bridge

VolkerLaser is undertaking works including resurfacing, deck preparation, waterproofing, expansion joint refurbishment, and weld repairs. Part of the resurfacing works will include specialist gussasphalt surfacing to the main deck and cantilever lanes, where a site-specific mix will be developed according to the unique dynamics of the structure. This will be machine applied, using running rails which can be adjusted independently of the deck, guaranteeing consistency of product thickness and ride quality.

The works will be delivered in three phases, allowing for staged traffic management when required, keeping disruption to the travelling public to a minimum. With the south cantilever currently used by pedestrians and cyclists, when vehicular traffic is diverted into this lane, VolkerLaser will be providing a free bus and minibus service to the public.


Visitors will be able to see the project in its final phase of, ahead of completion at the end of October. Following the resurfacing of the 335m long bridge, the team will be undertaking the installation of FIP joints on the main deck, and completing the final line marking works.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


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