About Co-op Live

Co-op Live will be the UK’s biggest indoor arena, able to offer a warm Manchester welcome to over 23 thousand people.  With innovative smart ‘bowl’ design, cutting edge visual and acoustic technology plus 32 amazing bars and restaurants.  World class, planet friendly and all in the heart of a local Manchester vibrant community.


We are currently in year 1 of 3 for the construction of the new arena with Year 1 focused on excavation, piling, foundations and above ground concrete. Works visible at the open doors visits will involve construction of the main structural cores to varying levels ahead of steel frame commencement December 2021.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


About BAM Construct UK Ltd

Have you ever wondered how buildings can shape city centres, how the latest technologies are transforming colleges and universities or how state of the art offices are brought to life?

If so, look no further.

BAM Construct is responsible for many iconic buildings across the country and this year we have a great selection open to share with you.

During your visit with us, you’ll see behind the hoardings and get a real insight in to how the buildings that are shaping your communities are being created.

We are ...