About 36-38 Berkeley Square

36-38 Berkeley Square is located on the north west corner of Berkeley Square. The original building from 1951 was a 9-storey block which has been demolished to make space for a new modern 9 storey commercial development.

The new building will be steel-framed with timber floors and a concrete core, with multiple facade types, juliette balconies, and external terraces. 

The building is targeting multiple sustainability certifications.

Visitors will be given a short overview of the project before being able to walk around site with members of the project team to find out more about the works.


Demolition and excavation works have been completed and the basement levels are under construction. During the visit works will be taking place to build the structure up to level 9. 


Information on Open Doors 2023 will be released shortly


Address Farm Street, London, W1J 5LW

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