ISG is converting the former BHS store at 64 Princes Street into a 137-bed Premier Inn.

The mixed-use development also includes the delivery of two new restaurants on Rose Street, and a flagship 40,000 sq ft retail store on Princes Street.

The scheme has seen ISG demolish the existing Rose Street property and erect a new hybrid concrete and steel frame building, extending one additional storey higher on the site. 

A further floor has been added to the Princes Street building, which will be physically linked to the Rose Street site via a new bridge.

The transformation of the site will be completed with replacement of the existing window sections on the Princes Street building’s façade, with work scheduled for completion in summer 2020.

64 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2DJ

Come, see and hear how ISG is providing places to work rest and play in the heart of Edinburgh city centre.

The visit will include a presentation on the project, a welcome induction and a walk around the five-storey project, overlooking some of Edinburgh’s most iconic buildings.

Learn how we’ve used a concrete/steel frame to reach for the Scotland skyline, systematically demolished the existing Rose Street property and laid the foundations for a brand-new offering for tourists and residents alike.

Kate Meighan

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