The scheme consists of 7 towers sitting  on a Podium slab with an 81 coach park  underneath. The Buildings vary in height  from 14 apartment floors for A, B & C to 12 apartment levels for D-E-F and 26 apartment levels to Block G. Within block G there is an Energy Centre which feeds other  developments within the vicinity of the site.

There are 743 Apartments varying from  Studio to 3 Bed. Blocks A-F are Discounted market rent, and block G, is a PRS. The external facade is made predominantly of brick /glass. The project has CFA / Rotary piles, with an insitu concrete frame.

Internally bathrooms have been podded throughout apart from the adaptable pods which are intended to be in-situ.

Engineers Way, Wembley, HA9 0EG ( opposite Yellow Car Park)

So far, 3 out of 7 blocks have been already handed over to the client, currently focusing on the next handover date in March. 

Key works taking place this quarter:

- Continuation of podium works and future amenity spaces

- Prep for the Handover of Block A

- Southern Park is being developed with pre-cast pond structure

- Ongoing works to facade on Block C & scaffold strikes of Block C&G

- Pavement replacement along Engineers Way

Completion: September 2020

Mike Higgins

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