A key factor in unleashing the full development potential of the area of this site has always been the provision of an adequate viable public transport network that has successfully been provided by Transport for London in the approval of the Barking Line Extension TWAO 2017. Following extensive consultation and agreement with all of the existing stakeholders this proposal envisages;-

 »    Extending the existing Gospel Oak to Barking line 2.5km eastwards via the Essex Thameside (Tilbury Loop) rail corridor.

»    Installing a new rail ramp at the existing DB Schenker (Cargo) UK Ltd Freight Depot - which also holds the potential for an interim station that could be built at some point in the future.

»    Building a new twin track viaduct 1.5km, made up from precast slab units, southwards towards the River Thames that will allow 4 car EMU passenger rolling stock to cross over Renwick Road, The Ship and Shovel Sewer / culvert, Choats Road and onto the former power station site terminating at a new high level station ‘Barking riverside’ station 250m from the waterfront.

Other key elements of this scheme include the viaduct that will pass under the existing overhead power transmission cables while the corridor created underneath will be landscaped and given over to public open space combined with flood water attenuation initiatives and flanked by new development.

The new station is itself identified as a local distribution hub for other private and public transport networks and include public space and amenity facilities that will link into the waterfront.

Barking Riverside Extension
MSVF Site, Compound A
Fielders Crescent, off River Road,
Barking, Essex, IG11 0YP
IG11 0YP

# Health & Safety systems, processes and procedures 

# Pilinig works for supporting piers

# Coffer dams

# Works to create supporting piers including concrete shuttering systems and steel reinforcements

# Works to create elevated platform which will support the new track installation and station terminus building

# Lifting operations hoisting precast concrete beams 

# Earth moving and large plant operations 

# Overview of environmental management challanges and solutions

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