Harrison Building Roof Replacement comprises of an existing roof structure being removed and updated. The project itself is one of the most technical Asbestos removal works in the South West of England. The existing roof structure has a spray coating of Asbestos on it which needs Licenced removal by specialists. The challenges occur that the roof height in some areas is over 6 meters and the building is used by University of Exeter's Engineering department, while the work is being completed. The scaffolding comprises of over 25 thousand metres in the first phase of works alone, which has been installed and threaded through office and teaching spaces to allow access to the underside of the roof. All elements of the existing roof have been removed and shot blasted in controlled conditions to allow the re-instatement of the new roof and to remove any trace of the previously Asbestos coated building parts.


Harrison C2020 Refurbishment works include the demolition of parts of the tired Harrison Building to produce a High-Tech area within the building, including a new Mezzanine floor which will house the student led engineering project space. This will be part of a new Curriculum of the University to offer later this year. The works will include Structural Engineering with new steelwork and poured concrete metal composite floor, concrete piles in the existing concrete floor and an extensive re-model designed by top Architects to feature Platform lifts wrapped in metal stairs and state of the art furnishings and fittings to complement the surroundings.


The South West Institute of Technology building is another project Morgan Sindall are currently working on, this comprises of a single storey building extension to the Innovation Centre already housed at University of Exeter. The new building is partly buried within the landscape of the University and will be constructed with concrete. The building itself is a concrete retaining structure with exposed finished concrete façade and will be finished with a planted “Green” Roof. The building will be used as an advanced Computer study area and will house an area where Artificial Intelligence will be taught and demonstrated with the aid of robots.

Visitors to our site will be able to see a variety of complex situations that have to be managed by the Main Contractor. Visitors will be able to see Structural Scaffolding the size of a small football pitch suspended 4m up in the current working area of The University of Exeter Students. The way the scaffolding has been designed around current working areas and how the amazing structure forms part of the temporary roofing system that keeps the building dry whist the work continues. Viewing panels on the roof are available along with CCTV to look into the working Enclosure of the Asbestos Removal Team thus allowing an understanding of the scope of work required of the project.

Harrison Curriculum 2020 Refurbishment -  Visitors will be able to see a small Structure being completed which has the same processes of a major steel frame building so again the process of construction and challenges of completing these works within a live building can be understood. Along with the process of planning co-ordinated works with our supply chain.

Southwest Institute of Technology - Visitors will see technical Temporary works as the new building is 4.5m lower than the building surrounding it. The complications of design and stability of structures close by and the challenges of the waterproofing and finishes of a structure that will spent it’s life buried. Major piling works, Concrete shuttering and the construction of the living roof.

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