The site is located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) and comprises a cluster of plots in the Norton Folgate area of central London E1 6PL with national grid reference TQ 3347482045.   The site and works are bordered by Shoreditch High Street to the West, Folgate Street to the South, Elder Street to the East and the Network Rail LTN1 cutting to the North with Blossom Street and Fleur De Lis Street running through the site.   The site is bounded on all elevations by either LBTH highways, TFL Red Routes or Network Rail and situated in a largely mixed commercial and residential area.   Bounded to the North is an operational Network Rail cutting with an existing brick retaining wall at the site boundary.

The works include the careful demolition of existing site buildings immediately adjacent to or adjoining retained heritage structures, before installating permanent piled foundations, reduced level site wide excavation and the construction of the new permanent RC structure back up to ground level.

This is an opportunity to see behind the scenes at an exciting new development in an historic part of London. The vision for Blossom Street is to refurbish, extend and create new buildings, providing new offices, retail and residential space.   Sensitively designed buildings are being created, bringing many vacant or underused buildings in the area back into useful economic use.   Making the area a hive of activty and somewhere people will want to go.

Pedestrian entrance is:
Elder Street E1 off Folgate Street E1
See attached location map. The nearest mianline station and LUL station is Liverpool St Station
WD25 8HH

Visitors will be given a site induction upon arrival and will then be taken on a site tour. Various activities will be taking place including underpinning, piling and groundworks. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see more challenging aspects of the demolition process such as façade retention.

The project is broken down into 4 sites and works that are planned are:

Site S1

Completion of demolition works within 12-13 Blossom Street

Completion of piling operations

Formation of ground floor capping beam around the secant wall

Archaeological investigation works within 12-13 Blossom Street

 Site S1C:

Installation of steel gantry along Fleur De Lis Passage to support existing services prior to the excavation

Underpinning of 1887 Warehouse

 Site S2:

Excavation within 1887 Warehouse

Underpinning of 1927 Warehouse

Underpinning of 161 Commercial Street

Demolition/Underpinning of 4-6 Elder Street

Demolition  of 8 Elder Street

 Site S1A:

Substructure works to form the new core

John Rimmer


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