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Alderney WTW, located in the north of Bournemouth, is a strategically important water treatment works that supply high quality drinking water to approximately 375,000 customers – nearly 75% of the homes and businesses in Bournemouth Water’s operational area. However, it is now in urgent need of investment in its infrastructure to ensure Bournemouth Water can deliver superior drinking water quality for its local residents. Kier has already conducted comprehensive site surveys, carried out ground clearance, and initiated excavation for the placement of new pipes and subterranean water tanks. Piling mats have been set up to support 600 concrete piles, which will bear the weight of the massive water tanks. In the upcoming months, we will be deploying 1m-wide underground pipes integral to the revamped water treatment process. A reservoir, with a history spanning over a century, is marked for demolition. The reclaimed concrete from this reservoir will be processed and reused right on-site, ensuring sustainability.

The key objectives of this upgrade are to:-

Elevate Drinking Water Standards: Enhancing the drinking water quality for the entire region.
Fortify Regional Water Supply: Boosting the security and resilience of the water supply, ensuring it withstands extreme conditions.
Economic Boost: Creation of approximately 100 construction jobs, thereby bolstering the local supply chain.
Technological Edge: Incorporating cutting-edge technology in the water treatment process to drive down energy consumption and carbon emissions.
Environment First: Ensuring that both construction and operational phases adhere to the most stringent environmental protocols.


Visitors will be given an overview of the project and and explanation of the role Kier are playing. You will then be given a tour of the site. You can expect to gain an understanding of the water treatment process and will get to see construction work in operation at scale.


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Visits limited to educational institutions only.

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Please contact the site to discuss your requirements.

Bookings open on Monday 8 January 2024.

Events will take place from Monday 18 - Saturday 23 March 2024

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