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The Logistics Hub, managed by main works contractor for London SCS JV, transports excavated material from Old Oak Common Station, the Victoria Road Crossover Box and the nearby Atlas Road site.

The material from HS2 works is brought to the site on a network of conveyors. The operation sees the material being transferred onto rail wagons which are then taken to sites in Kent, Rugby and Cambridgeshire where the material is used for beneficial re-use projects, including a nature reserve for birds.

The enormous logistics operation is managed inside the site’s state of the art control room. The team can see how much spoil is on site, monitor the loading into the wagons and ensure that the operation meets the railway timetable.

HS2’s London Logistics Hub, located at the Willesden Euro Terminal, is celebrating one million tonnes of spoil transported – taking 110,000 lorry movements off roads.



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Bookings open on Monday 8 January 2024.

Events will take place from Monday 18 - Saturday 23 March 2024

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