VolkerRail Plant, Frodingham Depot, Scunthorpe

Visit Length

120 Minutes

Max Group Size

22 People

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About the event

To support the unique installation, maintenance and operational requirements of the UK rail industry, VolkerRail provides and operates a broad spectrum of specialist plant and services.

From rail mounted Kirow cranes to hand-held equipment, the range of plant available and the services we provide is extensive. This is all backed up by our in-house training, planning and professional engineering teams.


Visitors will be given a tour of the depot, shown some of the plant used by VolkerRail, learn more about what VolkerRail’s plant division does, and the machines we operate, and the possible career paths available within VolkerRail.


Educational Visits:
Visits limited to educational institutions only.

Minimum age: 14 years old
Due to activities on site, age groups would need to be 14 and upwards 

Limited as some areas will be inaccessible.

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