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Hello, we’re SLG, and for over 40 years we’ve been working to understand our clients’ businesses, customers, competitors and supply chains to produce strategically-led communications that really make a difference.

We’re an integrated marketing agency with the ability to deliver results-driven strategic marketing services, and we specialise in delivering these for construction-sector businesses.

While the mix of services delivered for clients varies depending on their requirements, our approach is always built from solid aims, objectives and measurement, whether working for mid-sized UK businesses or global PLCs. We base our solutions on evidence and knowledge, using our proven processes to develop robust brand and communications strategy.

Although our client base, heritage and expertise live squarely within construction, we recruit the best strategic and creative talent from a variety of sectors to bring fresh thinking and best practice. It’s part of the reason our work has been recognised by the likes of Campaign, The Drum and the Construction Marketing Awards in recent years.

Why work here?

Our agency has experts that work across marketing, from strategy to PR, creative to digital. Many of them have worked in a variety of different sectors and bring their experience and best practice to bear on construction clients.

Construction marketing is often invisible to the public, but there are several specialist agencies like SLG that focus on the sector. Our staff need to be experts in marketing and knowledgeable in the market, understanding the complex issues that our clients faced to find a solution to them.

Roles in construction marketing require a blend of strategic thinking and creativity. Whether you’re more left or right-brain oriented, the chances are that there will be a role that works for you.

While contracting and sub-contracting roles are great, they aren’t for everyone. Thankfully, the construction sector is much more diverse than you realise, and there is almost certainly a role that you’d enjoy, marketing is just one avenue worth exploring for those considering the sector.

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