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Open Doors takes young people and career changers behind the scenes to showcase the fantastic range of careers available in construction, with hundreds of events expected to participate from Monday 17 – Saturday 22 March 2025. All types of construction sites, as well as training and manufacturing facilities, depots, offices, and virtual reality will take part.

Construction needs to recruit over 50,000 new entrants per year just to maintain current output, with staff shortages affecting multiple areas of the industry. Open Doors plays a vital role in contributing to the recruitment of the next generation.

The event, delivered by Build UK in partnership with CITB and CSCS, enables businesses to offer visitors an exclusive opportunity to experience construction workplaces and see the range of the 180+ different careers in action. They not only gain an exclusive insight into the sector, but leave inspired to consider construction careers going forwards – perhaps directly with participating companies!

Next Steps

Open Doors will return Monday 17 – Saturday 22 March 2025.  Further details will be released in due course.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When does Open Doors take place?

Open Doors will take place from Monday 17 – Saturday 22 March 2025. Further key dates will be released shortly.

What happened at the last Open Doors event?

Open Doors took place from Monday 18 – Saturday 23 March 2024, you can read more in our Review and see more in our Gallery.

How much does it cost to take part?

The following rates applied per location opened for the 2024 event:

*Rate drops to £1,350+VAT per site when two are opened and £1,200+VAT per site when three or more are opened.

The rates for 2025 will be confirmed shortly.

What are my obligations as an Open Doors event host?

In order to host Open Doors events you must:

  • Hold suitable and sufficient insurance
  • Carry out a risk assessment and method statement for the planned activity
  • Provide suitable and sufficient personal protective equipment (if required)
  • Provide a briefing, including an explanation of hazards, safety measures in place and emergency procedures, prior to allowing visitors on site.
How do I create an account on the Open Doors website?

You can create an account by visiting our sign up page and entering your details. You will then receive access to a range of resources to help you register events and promote your involvement.

How do I upload my events?

Step-by-step guidance on uploading your events is available in the Website User Guide.

What should I offer during our events?

Each visit will be bespoke to the location on offer, whether that is a construction site, office or training facility.  The core inclusions for any event should be:

  • PPE (if required)
  • Information on what happens at that location
  • Talks from employees across a few different job roles, including how they got into the industry
  • Opportunities for guests to ask questions
  • Provision of follow up information on how to get into the industry (Open Doors has its own Careers page).

We aim to showcase construction as a fantastic career to get into, so offering interactive experiences e.g. virtual reality, simulators or work tasters is an excellent way to engage with guests.  You should detail what your visit includes in the event’s profile, some areas will have lots of options on offer, so please be thorough to encourage them to choose to book your event.

Please note that you may be contacted by visitors stating their area of interest, so that the content of their visit can be tailored to them.  Tailoring content for your audience (particularly large group bookings) is considered best practice to attempt to encourage as many visitors as possible to join the industry after their visit.  However, this will require additional planning and so is left entirely at the host’s discretion.

How long should the visits last?

Each event host should consider what its tours will include and therefore how long the visits should last. There are usually several questions from visitors and so visits between 1-2 hours should be sufficient.

Can I restrict group numbers?

Group numbers should be decided according to the spaces available at your location and the number of persons you can safely host at a given time. You should restrict numbers and/or stagger tours if in any doubt.

Can I apply an age restriction on visitors?

We actively encourage all events to host children where possible. Depending on the nature of the event and the risk assessment conducted you may wish to apply an age restriction, which will appear on your event’s profile. All vulnerable individuals including under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If under 18, they must also have parental or legal guardian consent.

Can you help me with promoting my visit opportunities?

The Open Doors team conducts extensive work with its Partner network to drive visitors to the website to see all the visit opportunities available. However, we actively encourage all event hosts to promote their slots to their own networks too. When you are logged into the website you will be able to access a number of resources including posters, press releases, social media graphics and postcards, as well as advice on promoting your events.

I need a lot of paperwork to host visits – can you help?

The Open Doors team provides a number of templates to make your involvement as simple as possible. The templates available include a Photo Consent Form, Risk Assessment, Visit Brief, as well as guidance for local site teams on things to consider when hosting visits. The additional information is available in the Resources section of the website, once you are logged into your account.


We are unsure if we can host disabled visitors – what should we do?

When uploading your event it is important to be clear on any obvious obstacles that may prevent certain visitors from attending (e.g. staircase-only access) in the accessibility section. Prospective visitors with SEND requirements are encouraged to contact the event host directly for clarity on any queries.

Health & Safety

I am concerned about making my event safe for visitors – what can I do?

Each event taking part in Open Doors must risk assess the planned tour and any activities taking place on it to ensure the safety of guests. The risk assessment may identify hazards which mean that tour routes are changed or control measures are advised (e.g. PPE). The location should host a safety briefing at the start of the visit to inform visitors of any safety protocols in place that must be adhered to. If specific days of Open Doors Week pose problems (e.g. expectation of excessive noise or dust) event hosts can choose to only open on the other days that week.

Please contact the Open Doors team if you wish to discuss this further.

Do I need to provide personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Each site is responsible for considering the nature of the tours it will offer and conducting a risk assessment accordingly. If PPE is required then you would need to provide this for your guests. The cost of the PPE must be met by the event host company.


Where can I find more information on careers in construction for visitors?

Open Doors offers a Careers page with lots of useful information on construction industry roles and how to get into them. Event hosts are also encouraged to provide information on careers within their own company and any current vacancies.

What else can I do to promote construction careers to potential recruits?

Open Doors Community Partner The Careers & Enterprise Company offers Employer Standards to help your company reach more young people with the opportunities you have available.  You can use the free, self-assessment tool to assess your current careers engagement with the education sector, which will then provide an action plan for you to build on your successes.

What if I have further questions?

Please email the team via info@opendoors.construction.