The York Guildhall project comprises a significant refurbishment of the existing Guildhall building complex along with a new built structure and a number of small extensions to improve access and usability of the complex.

The building itself is made up of a number of areas, built at different periods which are treated in different ways to respect their historic Listed status. The 15th-century Guildhall and adjacent rooms are Grade 1 Listed and only have a minor refurbishment. Their use continues for Civic and public functions. The area to the South, known as the South Range, is Grade II* Listed. The refurbishment includes creating a Business Hub at the river end and includes making alterations for the new café and provision of a new toilet block to serve functions from the Guildhall itself. The Victorian block to the North of the Guildhall includes the Council Chamber and is Grade II* Listed. These areas are refurbished with varying degrees of alterations / rebuilds. The more recently-built North annex is not Listed and to be mostly removed and replaced with a modern extension for a restaurant and office accommodation. The Victorian tower to the North end of the Victorian block is incorporated into the new office accommodation and requires significant underpinning works to address settlement issues which are evidenced through physical cracking of the facade and proven to be active through recent movement monitoring.

VINCI Construction UK, The Guildhall Complex, St Helen’s Square, York

Construction of the sub structure to the North Annexe new building. Ongoing river logistics to transport materials via the River Ouse. Superstructure works to the South Range. Potentially some refurbishment/restoration works (window repairs). 

You will visit a logistically challenging site that is partially accessed from the river for out material deliveries. You’ll see new build construction and also the opportunity to visit the Grade 1 listed Guildhall. 

Annette McGoff DipM MCIM

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