About Peterhead 400Kv Substation

Balfour Beatty is to develope a 400Kv Substation near the existing Peterhead 275KV substation. The substation will be developed to operate at 400Kv. however, ther will be electrical interconnectivity to the existing 275Kv substation via two new supergrid transformers (SGT) The full scope of the project is to design and implement a 400/275Kv substation, including a fourteen bay 400GIS busbar. Install 2 no. SGTs with weather enclosures. 2 no subststion HV cable circuits to connect to the existing Peterhead substation 275KV AIS bays currently occupied by two overhead lines VH and VX1. 1 no Substation control building and assiciated infrastructure. Exploration of an alternative, approved Technologies that reduce and /or elimate the use of Sulphur Hexa-Fluride (SF6) within the GIS and /or GIB 


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Current construction works are the ongoing civil works to create and install main biuilding foundations, drainage and future ducting routes for the 400Kv substation project. install and construct 2 SGT weather enclosures and install the main GIS building with control building to house the relay panels and associated equipment.

Information on Open Doors 2022 will be released shortly


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