bmJV is a joint venture comprising of BAM Nuttall Ltd and Morgan Sindall Plc  brought together to carry out the Smart Motorway improvements on the M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth on behalf of Highways England.

The M27 is located in Hampshire, and falls within the Highways England Area 3 Asset Support Contract, as well as the South East Regional Control Centre. It's a key part of the strategic road network, providing a vital transport link between Southampton and Portsmouth, while also connecting to the M3 at junction 4, leading to Winchester and Basingstoke.

The aims of this scheme are to:

- reduce congestion and smooth the flow of traffic by turning the hard shoulder into a permanent running lane

- improve journey time reliability on the strategic road network

- support the economy and facilitate economic growth by providing increased capacity on the motorway

- continue to deliver a high level of safety performance on the network using smart motorway techniques

- minimise environmental impacts of the scheme and where possible allow for enhancements to be made to the environment

The scheme in detail

The M27 smart motorway scheme stretches from junction 4 (M3 Interchange) to junction 11 (Fareham), and will directly connect to the M3 junction 9 (Winchester / A34 Interchange) to junction 14 (M27) smart motorway scheme. The scheme is 24km (15 miles), and all links on the M27 between junction 4 to 11 will be upgraded to smart motorway, dual four all-lane running. The hard shoulder will be retained between junctions 7 and 8.

The scheme will involve:

- permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to create a fourth lane and changing the junction slip roads to accommodate this

- new CCTV cameras and electronic information signs and signals on gantries - these will show variable mandatory speed limits and manage traffic flow and incidents

- emergency refuge areas throughout the length of the scheme

- the hardening of the central reserve and installation of a reinforced barrier to improve safety

The M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth carries in excess of 140,000 vehicles a day, of which 25% are HGVs. Congestion is already a serious problem and, based on national road traffic forecasts, the extent and severity of congestion is expected to significantly increase over the next 15 to 20 years. Delays are experienced most week days during peak times and this severely affects journey time reliability.

bmJV Junction 11 Compound
Down Barn Farm
Boarhunt Lane
PO17 6AJ

Each day will start with an immersive learning experience. Our induction pack uses modern technologies to ensure new starters are fully aware of dangers on site. It will be followed by an interactive presentation covering the Smart Motorways, civil and construction works, and enviornmental challenges encountered on the project. Next we demonstrate how VR is used in construction training by encouraging all participants to have a go at a virtual digger/dumper (tbc) and other gadgets.  The event will conclude with an optional  drive alongside live verge and central reserve works (subject to numbers and vehicle availability)

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