About Toddbrook Reservoir

We are currently working on a major project to restore Toddbrook Reservoir after the auxiliary spillway was damaged in August 2019 following a period of heavy rainfall.

The major 2-year project will involve building a new overflow structure to the north of the dam. This will include a side channel weir, ‘tumble bay’, spillway channel and stilling basin which will link into the existing bypass channel flowing into the River Goyt in Whaley Bridge’s Memorial Park.


Visitors will arrive in the car park at the football club, be given a briefing and information about the project. They will then be able to walk to the top of the dam and be shown around the working area, please wear sturdy shoes and sensible shoes. 

Drive into Park Road (It looks like a residential road), drive to the bottom and turn right into the football grounds and park in the car park. 

The site compound can be seen from the car park, head to the far end of the compound to where the gate is and you will be met at the entrance.


Bookings are currently unavailable for this site.


Address Whaley Bridge Football Club,
Kier Site Office
Park Road
Whaley Bridge
SK23 7DL

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