About Google, King's Cross

Google’s newest King’s Cross building will include more than one million square feet of office and ground-floor retail space. The building’s distinctive horizontal silhouette visually references the platforms and railway lines that stretch out from the famous train station at King’s Cross, one of the most connected points in the UK. When it opens, people will be able to explore a variety of retail experiences and a community space on the ground floor. Google’s ambition is to create a place that’s a resource for Londoners and Googlers, and nurtures opportunity and innovation, in a building that’s sustainable and resilient by design.


Visitors will be visiting a typical floor in construction stage and the trade contractors that are working on the development.


Information on Open Doors 2023 will be released shortly


Address KGX1 Lendlease Project Office
Gate Goods Way

About Lendlease

Lendlease’s founder, an innovative young Dutch engineer named Dick Dusseldorp, dreamt of building an organisation that would be measured not just on its financial returns, but on its positive contribution to the environment and society.

He also believed the wellbeing and best interests of the company’s employees were paramount. More than 50 years later, that’s where our focus remains.

So, whether you’re a graduate embarking on a new journey or a seasoned professional dreaming of unparalleled challenges, we invite you to explore the opportunity to c...