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Hemel Hempstead School

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60 Minutes

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12 People

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Hemel Hempstead school, located in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, will provide a completely new 3-storey reinforced concrete and refurbished school. The new build school and refurbished building will provide an entirely new design and structure, accommodating over 1000 students at Hemel Hempstead. Currently, the site is at enabling works stage, where the site is undergoing site clearance, excavation, foundation preparation and installation of temporary facilities. It will soon undergo the RC frame construction method, reinforcing the building’s structure with durable and resilient reinforced concrete framing. 

This project will soon to be completed by 2026.


Visitors will have the opportunity to observe the initiation of the RC frame construction for the superstructure, marking the pivotal starting point in building Hemel Hempstead School. This method, involving the placement of reinforcing steel and subsequent pouring of concrete, is a critical phase in ensuring the structural integrity and resilience of the upcoming construction of the school 

Prior to going on site, visitors will also be presented with an introduction of the company overview of the project, a site safety talk, and the opportunity to discuss the career opportunities available. The visitors will then be given a tour of the site and facilities to see what the current progress and activities include.

Hard Hat, gloves, eye protection, Hi Viz and protective boots will be supplied-all visitors must wear long trousers.



Educational Visits:
Visits limited to educational institutions only.

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