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NETPark Phase 3

Visit Length

60 Minutes

Max Group Size

10 People

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About the event

Further expansion of NETPark (Northeast Technological park) A 232,150 sq ft expansion NETPark Phase Three consists of up to 11 speculative units from 11,500 sq ft to 35,700 sq ft to allow science, engineering and technology businesses to grow or work in a high tech environment, The site will also have an extensive external landscaping to incorporate the development into the existing surrounding area along with extensive park facility and EV charging points.


The project will be circa week 30 out of 86 when the visit takes place.


Visitors will see the whole site but will mainly be focusing on a Small and Medium unit as these will be progressed the most.


Minimum age: 8 years old
Must be accompanied by adult as part of school visit

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