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Littlewood Group is the UK’s leading specialist fencing contractor. Established in 1996 with a £38m turnover and a directly employed workforce, we operate throughout the UK in the high security, infrastructure, traditional fencing, barrier and gates markets, working on some of the most prestigious construction projects in the country.

We offer in-house design, supply and installation of general fencing systems & hoardings, high-security fencing systems, hostile vehicle mitigation, electric security systems, automated gates, vehicle restraint & parapet systems, environmental noise barriers, access control, pedestrian & vehicular access systems, pedestrian guardrails and associated groundworks.

Why work here?

Littlewood Fencing is an enticing place of work that covers all aspects of the construction industry, in a company that demonstrates exponential growth. We have a variety of departments, including;

Security, which covers high security prisons, substations, and utility companies;

Infrastructure, which includes the installation of Vehicle Restraint systems on all types of roads, accompanied by a variety of rail-related fencing

Automation, which involves the installation of gates and barriers,

Inhouse design, that not only helps birth new fencing ideas, but does so in a way that is environmentally and economically stable

And HS2 and Wales and West, which predominantly deals with the recent advances of the government funded HS2 project, which has seen the company champion an innovative type of acoustic fencing.

As well as HS2, we are also trusted partners of the UK’s major contractors including Thames Tideway, National Grid, East Sussex County Council and the MOD.

All this work relies heavily on the use of big plant, tools, and machinery, meaning that there is a truly diverse skillset amongst the employees of Littlewood Fencing.

As a leading business in our field, we are obligated to cover a vast array of the fencing construction spectrum, in a bid to further grow our impressive repertoire.


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